woman sitting on stool at countertop

Cybersecurity best practices for SMB doesn’t stop with your MSP

When it comes to protecting your small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) against cyber attacks, your managed service provider (MSP) can only take your cybersecurity so far. It…

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OrLANtech team at 25th anniversary celebration

Celebrating 25 years in business

OrLANtech is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020. Keith Coker and Chriss Rhode, the partners, are looking back at humble beginnings and the many milestones…

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Multi-Factor Authentication on two devices

How to do Multi-Factor Authentication right

If you’re not using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your Microsoft 365 or any email account for that matter, don’t wait – you need to start…

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man's head at computer set up

What you should know about the internet, deep web and dark web

As you read on, you will learn that while searching the “internet” using popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., you are gaining…

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help! flag on computer

Typical IT support requests

Help is on the way! We collected an assortment of typical IT requests that may help you to solve or maneuver technical issues. Some of…

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man sharing files and folders in SharePoint using File Explorer computer

How to share files and folders in SharePoint using File Explorer

SharePoint is “shared” access for millions of users for storing, editing and sharing files. The files and folders you store on SharePoint are typically available…

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OrLANtech's best practices to build moral with team members laughing in circe

OrLANtech’s best practices for raising morale during the pandemic

Hey folks, we understand that short of company breakfasts, birthday and anniversary luncheons, happy hours and the like might not be an ideal workplace. However,…

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microsoft teams images of people working on laptops

Using Microsoft Teams while working from home (WFH) and in the office

Microsoft Teams (Teams) is built into Microsoft 365. It is a robust platform that serves as an instant messenger, a file-sharing platform and a collaboration…

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cloud server extending into city skyline

Going from the network to the cloud

Is your IT network fit to power your business—reliably and without interruption? Everything your business needs to operate is shifting to the cloud, and the…

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hand working on SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams on tablet

How and when to use SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams

We have many clients using Microsoft 365 and are often asked how and when to use SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams (Teams) for storing, editing…

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