Cloud Computing and Working From Home (WFH)

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As anyone knows, no amount of planning can predict unexpected setbacks. The shutdown due to COVID-19 has created a shift in culture for the business world that will have a lasting effect. Before the pandemic, the internet had already created a shift in the way people conducted business with cloud computing that made it more versatile. After the pandemic expires and companies open and people go back to their offices, cloud computing will be here to stay. It is predicted that by 2022, over 90% of businesses will use a mix of on-premises and cloud platforms to meet their infrastructure needs. With a hybrid of cloud and physical hardware-based systems, a transition between the office and a remote workforce is the best-case scenario.

With WFH becoming more prevalent, not only will equipment and mobile devices and employee productivity need to be monitored and tracked, but also your company’s data security. Risks come from employees who forget to back up company files, their computers becoming damaged or compromised by an outsider, or worse yet, they fall for a social engineering or email scam. It takes only one person to allow someone into your network, click on a bad link or open an attachment with malicious malware. Depending on the scammer’s access back to your servers, it could turn into a severe ransomware type of event.

Protecting your company’s files must remain a constant priority. With cybersecurity issues at an all-time high, you will also have to weigh your business’ data protection needs. Data breaches can cost far more than mere downtime, especially if you lose control of sensitive customer or patient data. Integrating public and private cloud usage into your cloud computing solution may be a viable and more affordable IT solution for your company’s security and WFH needs. Below are some cloud computing solutions we recommend you consider.

  1. Tailor-Made Hosted Server Solutions – These are cloud IT solutions that are secure, scalable and most suited for your company’s individual needs. It typically means a split between public and private cloud services, a hybrid of both, for performance and redundancy purposes. We partner with only the top players in the field, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as data centers located in Orlando and Seattle.
  2. Office 365 Email Cloud Backup – Due to the vulnerabilities of potential email loss in Office 365, we recommend this solution. It will back up each selected mailbox daily to another cloud storage provider. You can be selective for those who will use it. Some companies choose everyone while others choose only their VIPs. This added backup service is outside of the Microsoft Cloud system and gives you another layer of redundancy in case there ever is a data loss in your Office 365 account. It can also be done for your Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive applications.
  3. Microsoft O365 Teams – is for all kinds of groups. It has several features for free and paid versions, such as unlimited chat, online meetings, video calling, file sharing and real-time collaboration within the Office 365 suite of applications.
  4. Microsoft O365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – safeguards your organization against malicious threats posed by email messages, links (URLs) and collaboration tools. ATP includes Safe Attachments, Safe Links, Anti-Phishing Protection and safeguards for your Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint applications.
  5. Microsoft O365 SharePoint – SharePoint is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service within the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Companies can either migrate all or some of their data to it for their team to access remotely as needed. You can also use it as a synching service from your on-premise servers giving you copies in the cloud and locally to give your team the best performance based on their specific requirements.

We can help you develop a comprehensive solution based on your company’s unique demands.  Connect with a Client Success Manager to schedule a time to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.



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