Non-Negotiable Cybersecurity Essentials

Did you know that the median ransomware demand rose from $302,000 in 2022 to $600,000 in 2023?

Stats like these prove the importance of utilizing some of the many cybersecurity essentials available to you. Data breaches, malware and phishing attacks can be worries of the past with our proven managed cybersecurity solutions.

In our new guide, you’ll find the top essential factors to keep in mind when reevaluating your company’s current cybersecurity measures.

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The Importance of Cybersecurity, in Numbers:

$ trillion
was the total global cost of cybercrime in 2023
of experts cite cyber incidents as what they fear most in business threats
cybersecurity related complaints are received by the FBI per year

Cybercrime is an expensive business, costing companies billions of dollars annually. At OrlanTech, we provide services like threat detection and response, compliance and risk management, cybersecurity education, and more.

In our checklist, we provide the fundamentals of cybercrime risk management, helping you understand the risks your business may face and providing you with essential approaches to better confront them.

Why having

a cybersecurity essentials checklist matters

Download OrlanTech’s Cybersecurity Essentials Checklist to make sure your business is protected against today’s unprecedented threats. The list maps out 17 key areas of focus to help you take security worries off your mind.

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