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Is Your Microsoft 365 Data Really Secure?

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Believe it or not, Microsoft 365 does not guarantee security for your data. When you switch to cloud services, your data isn’t automatically protected.

While Microsoft provides as many cyber security initiatives as possible for its clients, they acknowledge that just their security alone is not enough.

The bottom line? You need to take steps to make sure your information is properly protected.

Get OrlanTech’s Microsoft 365 Security Checklist to see what you need to secure your company. Our checklist reviews 21 critical settings that you need to make your cloud as secure as possible.

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Your Company is At Risk. Here’s Why:


of companies have experienced a public cloud security event in the last 12 months


of cloud security failures through 2025 are estimated to be the client's fault


of cloud security events are caused by security misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure

Why Shared Responsibility Matters

Ever-changing technology makes it almost impossible for mainstream cloud providers like Microsoft 365 to fully protect your data. This is why they make it clear in their user agreements that they are not responsible for your data security — you are.

This clause is referred to as the shared responsibility model (SRM).

The SRM of the cloud does not allow cyber security to be taken for granted even when you choose current industry-leading cloud platforms like Microsoft 365. The cloud services providers acknowledge that they can’t keep you fully protected without your help.

End-user agreements clearly outline what the company is and is not liable for. You can’t simply neglect your cyber security.

Download OrlanTech’s Microsoft 365 Security Checklist to make sure your professional cloud environment is as secure as possible. This short, easy-to-read checklist provides you with the 21 critical settings you need for a secure MS 365 environment.

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