Top 10 Office 365 Security and Compliance Tips

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Are Office 365 security and compliance matters on your mind? It’s not uncommon to be concerned. As an expert managed compliance services provider, we know a thing or two (or 10!) about securing your Microsoft 365 environment. 

In this blog, we discuss the top 10ways you can protect your company with expert Office 365 security and compliance tips.

1. Configure Anti-Phishing Policies: Defend Against Deceptive Attacks

Phishing attacks continue to be a prevalent threat. We recommend configuring robust anti-phishing policies within Microsoft 365 to defend against deceptive attacks. Implementing these policies helps identify and block phishing attempts, protecting your organization from falling victim to malicious schemes.

2. Enable Azure AD Identity Protection Sign-In Risk Policies: Strengthen Authentication Security

Identity is the new perimeter, and securing it is paramount. OrlanTech advises enabling Azure AD Identity Protection Sign-In Risk Policies to strengthen authentication security. This proactive measure assesses sign-in risks in real time, allowing you to take immediate action against suspicious activities and potential unauthorized access.

3. Enable Mailbox Logs: Enhance Visibility and Accountability

Enhance visibility into your email activities by enabling mailbox logs. We want to emphasize the importance of monitoring mailbox logs to track user actions and detect anomalies. 

The bottom line? Increased accountability helps identify potential cybersecurity incidents and ensures a swift response to mitigate risks.

4. Use Dedicated Administrator Accounts: Minimize Security Risks

Limiting access is a fundamental principle of security. Use dedicated administrator accounts for managing your Office 365 environment. 

But why should you do this?

When you assign specific accounts for administrative tasks, you minimize the risk of unauthorized access and strengthen overall security.

5. Enable Safe Attachment Policies in Microsoft Defender: Fortify Email Security

This could be our most valuable Office 365 security and compliance tip: Email attachments are a common vector for malware, and business email compromise (BEC) is the most popular method of cybercriminal entry. We advise enabling Safe Attachment Policies in Microsoft Defender to fortify email security for your office’s digital infrastructure.

This feature analyzes attachments in real time, blocking malicious content and ensuring that only safe attachments reach your inbox.

6. Enable Internal Phishing Protection for Forms: Safeguard Against Internal Threats

The best offense is a great defense, and what might surprise you is learning that phishing from within your company can be just as damaging as external phishing threats. Here’s how to fight it: Enable internal phishing protection for forms within your Office 365 environment. 

This proactive measure helps identify and block phishing attempts from within your organization, adding an extra layer of security.

7. Block Unnecessary File Types: Limit Attack Vectors

Not all file types are created equal. Block unnecessary file types in your Office 365 environment to limit potential attack vectors. By restricting the types of files that can be uploaded and shared, you reduce the risk of malicious content infiltrating your systems.

8. Block Third-Party Integrated Applications: Control Access Points

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip. Just like unnecessary or strange file types, third-party integrated applications can pose security risks, so you should block unnecessary third-party integrated applications within your Office 365 environment. 

This control measure ensures that only trusted applications have access, minimizing the potential for security vulnerabilities.

9. Enable Safe Links Policies in Microsoft Defender: Secure URL Access

Have you ever seen a strange-looking URL appear in an email? Don’t click on it! URLs can link to malicious websites laced with code to siphon your personal data. Enable Safe Links Policies in Microsoft Defender to secure URL access. 

This feature actively scans and rewrites URLs in emails, ensuring that users are directed to safe websites and providing an additional layer of protection against phishing threats.

10. Enable Azure AD Password Protection: Strengthen Password Security

Password security is a cornerstone of overall system security, and enabling Azure AD Password Protection can strengthen your password security. This feature prevents the use of weak or compromised passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and enhancing overall security.

There’s More Office 365 Security and Compliance Tips

Safeguarding your Office 365 environment requires a proactive and comprehensive approach. Even when you leverage top-tier platforms like Microsoft 365, your overall cybersecurity could still be at risk. 

But, did you know that this list isn’t even half of what’s available in our comprehensive Microsoft 365 Security Checklist(insert link here when live)? You’ll get these 10 tips and 11 more to optimize your Office environment fully. 

Check it out today!

And, if you have any pressing questions about Microsoft 365, implementing these settings or other cybersecurity awareness training concerns, contact us or book a meeting

Your peace of mind is our priority.



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