arm bursting through computer screen to steal credit card out of wallet. Protecting your online identity hero-shot

How can I protect my online identity? With these important security tips, safeguard yourself now

If you are not careful, your online identity could be stolen. It can lead to an epic and excruciating experience affecting various accounts, such as…

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warning against using public free wifi due to security risks

If you use public Wi-Fi, understand the security risks and remember these tips to stay safe

First, you may ask what is public Wi-Fi? It is free Internet access and available in popular places you probably frequent often, such as malls,…

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credit freeze ice on ground

Are you worried about identity theft? Consider a credit freeze.

You can never be too careful when it comes to safeguarding your personal information. Identity theft is one of the top three fraud categories according…

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Get IT Support

When you need IT Support, OrLANtech is here for you during business hours as well as after hours. Exceptional customer IT support and IT services…

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Google Chrome Extensions logo

Check out these best Chrome extensions to install

What is a browser extension, you ask? It is similar to an app or plugin for your browser that adds features and functionality to your…

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Phishing scams icon on computer keyboard

How to spot email phishing scams

You are sure to have encountered phishing scams galore and had the good sense not to fall for any of them, hopefully. These fraudulent attempts…

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