Big on Macs? Finding an Apple Managed Service Provider

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Does your business run on Apple products? Or does your office primarily use PCs but still need Mac support? Whether your preference leans towards Mac/Apple or Windows/PC, managing your IT infrastructure needs effectively is a critical aspect of your business continuity. At OrlanTech, we’re  Orlando’s largest Apple managed service provider and offer Mac support for businesses, ensuring your IT needs are met seamlessly.

What Is An Apple Managed Service Provider?

To begin with, let’s clarify what an Apple managed service provider (MSP) does. An MSP performs IT services for a flat monthly fee. In the case of Apple, these services are tailored to support Apple/iOS devices. 

While many MSPs focus solely on Windows PCs, we take a different approach at OrlanTech. Our commitment is to customize our services to suit your unique needs, which includes providing support for your Apple and Mac products.

Our service agreements encompass a wide range of critical areas, including:

1. Security and software updates. We ensure that your computers, servers and networks are consistently updated and secured to protect your data and systems.

2. Help desk support. Our team is readily available to assist you and your staff, providing rapid response to IT issues that may arise.

3. Cybersecurity monitoring and response. With the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, we continuously monitor your systems to identify and respond to potential security breaches.

4. Team training. We offer cybersecurity awareness training and support to your team, helping them stay updated on the latest technologies and best practices.

5. Strategic IT planning. We work with you to develop a strategic IT plan that aligns with your business objectives.

Why Outsource Your Mac Support for Business?

Maintaining a dedicated in-house IT department can be costly and challenging for small and mid-sized businesses. Often, one individual is tasked with handling IT responsibilities, which can lead to serious vulnerabilities. 

In today’s world, cyber threats are ever-evolving, and it’s simply too much for one person, or even a small team, to manage effectively. This is where managed service providers like us step in with our team of experts and state-of-the-art tools to safeguard your Apple and Windows devices year-round.

When you choose to outsource your IT to an MSP, you are no longer at risk of:

  • Falling behind competitors who have a strong tech foundation.
  • Suffering from costly downtime that hampers your business productivity.
  • Exposing your business to cybersecurity threats.
  • Having no immediate support when issues inevitably arise.

Windows and Mac Support for Business

Today’s businesses rarely have simple IT needs. Many companies require both Microsoft Windows and Mac devices to accommodate their teams, even if they primarily use one over the other. 

Leaving any part of your team behind when selecting IT support isn’t a long-term solution. OrlanTech offers a comprehensive solution for small to mid-sized businesses, saving you money while ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

By outsourcing all your IT support needs to OrlanTech, you benefit from:

  • The collective knowledge of a full IT team experienced in both Windows and Mac support.
  • A big-picture view of technology gained from working with similar companies.
  • Readily available help desk coverage.
  • Eliminating worries about employee vacations, sick days or turnover affecting your technology’s stability.

End User Apple/Mac Support

While some believe there are “Windows people” and “iOS people,” many businesses recognize the advantages of both platforms. That’s where having an IT support provider capable of managing both PCs and Macs becomes indispensable. 

At OrlanTech, we offer protection for all your workstations, resolving technical issues that could otherwise hinder your team’s productivity.

Lean on Us: We Make IT Easy

When you’re ready to offload your IT concerns, we’re here to assist you. Our Apple consulting services extend beyond the technical realm; we offer a strategic partnership, keeping you informed while eliminating day-to-day distractions. We don’t just provide support; we become part of your team, acting swiftly when you need assistance, and collaborating in your success.

We’re just as invested in preventing your downtime as you are. Downtime can derail your productivity and derail your progress, and that’s not good for either of us. The real question is, how much time and money are you currently spending on combating technical issues or waiting for tech support? 

Stress is the last thing you need. It’s time to focus on your business goals, and we’re here to ensure that technology works seamlessly for you.

Contact us or book a meeting today, and let’s ensure your IT infrastructure not only supports your business but becomes a driving force for your success. We can be your trusted Apple managed service provider and IT solutions experts.



OrlanTech is a managed service provider (MSP) that was founded in 1995 and is now the market leader in delivering technology-as-a-service to small and medium size businesses (SMB) in the central Florida area.

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